Fall Books for Toddlers

Fall is my favorite season, but I don't usually embrace the seasons as much as I should. This year I decided to change that, and Sofie and Tyler have been embracing Fall with me. Sofie started watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in late August. They've been eagerly looking forward to having enough leaves to jump in. And we've been reading tons of Fall/Halloween themed books. Here are a few of their favorites: 


This has become Tyler's favorite book. He loves it so much that he giggles while I'm reading it to him. 


Sofie was excited to see so many of her favorite characters all in one book. It's like Camp Cucamonga for toddlers. 


The pictures in this book are so vibrant and the author manages to rhyme the text in a way that's not annoying.  


This is an adorable book about a girl who makes friends with a Squash and refuses to give her up even when she starts to rot. Disclaimer: I read this to Sofie, expecting it to be nothing more than a story to her. But, Sofie has taken it as an inspirational how-to manual. She's begun carrying around various fruits and vegetables and pretending like they're her friends. Last week, she asked for some kiwi and when I handed it to her she said, "I don't want to eat them. I want them to be my friends. And I'm not going to let you take them from me when they rot." She carried them around all day, played with them, and even named them. 

That's Hazel on the top and Sofie Jr. on the bottom. 

What are your favorite Fall and Halloween children's books?


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