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Birthday Book Spree

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went on an overnight trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to celebrate my birthday!

First, I did the most important thing a person can do when planning a trip to Michigan. I downloaded the song from the Cider House rules soundtrack to listen to in the car so we could pretend like we were in a Michigan commercial.

If you've never seen a Michigan commercial, do yourself a favor and watch one:

Isn't that the best emotional manipulation you've ever seen? Doesn't it make you want to go to Michigan?

In case you thought I was joking about pretending to be in a Michigan commercial, I can assure you, I was not kidding:

I've never liked having my picture taken, but I humored my sister and took a car selfie:

And then we were off to our first stop of the trip, a giant book sale. The proceeds from the sale went to scholarships for women, so I was able to justify my frivolous book buying. No, I wasn't adding even more books to my already overflo…

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