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I Want to Garage-Sale Them

I've been quite busy over the past few weeks helping my Mom get ready for her annual Spring garage sale.

My Mom takes garage sales VERY seriously. She has a VIP list of people who get to come the night before and a cash register (my Dad gave her the cash register once as a gag gift and she loved it.)

Sofie also loves helping with the garage sales. She's even invented her own garage sale term "garage sale it." Whenever she outgrows a pair of shoes, she tells my Mom, "Grandma, these shoes don't fit anymore. I want to garage-sale them."

Just like Grandma, Sofie has always taken garage sales very seriously:

                                 "I'm ready to wheel-and-deal, people. Make me an offer."

                                                 "Unacceptable. That offer is an insult."

Sofie drives a hard bargain. When she prices her shoes for 80 cents, don't even think about offering her 75 cents for them.

This was the first year …

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