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Birthday Book Spree Reveal

Friday was my birthday and I went on a Birthday Book Spree! I was sick that day, but the book spree was still fabulous. It was magical from start to finish. I went to five bookstores on Friday and then Saturday was my low-key book spree day where I visited 3 bookstores.

I spent 3 months planning and talking about the book spree. I'm totally not exaggerating when I say that, and apologies to the family members, friends and co-workers who had to hear me talking about it that whole time. The good news for all of you who listened to me talking about this for 3 months is that you now have a 9 month break before I start planning Book Spree '18. Rest up, everyone. You've earned your break.

The book spree was amazing, but it turns out that book spreeing comes at a price. I woke up on morning 2 of the spree and my legs were so sore that I felt like I had just run a marathon (or what I would imagine a person would feel like after running a marathon. I spent 3 years in high school pr…

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