Somewhere On a Beach

I swear, that's the last blog title I'm going to use that came from an annoying song that will be suck in your head for days. Promise.

I'm back from vacation (insert sad face here) but I haven't finished recapping the last few days of vacation.

We spent time at Disney's Beach House, which was located across the street from Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort. The Beach House was magical. There's really no other way to describe a place where you can eat Churros by the pool:

have a refreshing Strawberry Slushie topped with whipped cream:

and then go enjoy some beach time. I'm not a fan of swimming, so I spent my beach time reading a beach themed book.

I would give this book 3.5 stars. It's not Hemingway. But it was a breezy, fun beach read. I finished reading the book back at the resort while eating a Dole Pineapple Whip. . . followed by a Strawberry Smoothie. . . and then a Dole Pineapple Whip Float (which was so good that I couldn't even stop eating it long enough to take a picture.)

Sadly, I wasn't feeling well by evening (too much sun), so I ended up missing the evening S'Mores by the campfire and outdoor showing of Pocahontas, but my niece Sofie reported back to me that it was "great" and that Pocahontas was "strong and brave." But not to worry, still end up eating some chocolate (magnesium is very important to me!) All it all, it was another great day on Hilton Head Island!


  1. Churros by the pool looks amazing. I need a beach vacation!

  2. Ok churros by the pool might be the best idea ever!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. As soon as I saw the first pic, I was like, "Are those churros?!" And Dole Whips are the bestttt. And the FLOAT! 100. I'm going to Disneyland in a few weeks, and a Dole Whip is a must.

  4. Churros AND a pool! That is a great vacay!


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