Quick Travel Update

Today was a busy travel day. We left the house with only slightly less stuff than the family from the Grapes of Wrath

But hey, it's okay because, according to my Dad, the problem was that we shouldn't have brought along a cantaloupe. We had five suitcases, four coolers, 6 additional bags, 3 wacky noodles, 3 cases of water, 2 large boxes full of groceries and a portable DVD player. But clearly the cantaloupe was the problem. 

I got some reading done while wedged in between all the suitcase:

We made a stop at a park in Indianapolis where Tyler discovered he really likes cupcakes: 

And Sofie conquered her fear of slides: 

Then we traveled to the Land of Amazing Rest Stops, otherwise known as Ohio. We spent several hours at an outlet mall (because clearly what this trip needed was more stuff.) We're spending the night in Ohio before traveling on to The Smoky Mountains tomorrow. 

I'll try to do a blog entry when we get there, if I can get good reception while in the mountains!


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