On the Road Again

Yesterday we said a reluctant goodbye to our mountain cabin, loaded our car up with souvenirs we didn't really need but were convinced we couldn't live without and headed back down the mountain for the last time.

We took the scenic route out of town when we accidentally visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I'm not sure how we managed to accidentally visit a state park, but I'm glad we did because it was beautiful (it was also the perfect place to listen to Islands in the Stream.)

We then proceeded to drive a 6 hour road trip in 9 hours. We can't even blame the toddlers for the extra three hours, other than Sofie's 24 minute bathroom break at the dumpiest gas station we've stopped at on this entire trip. And the baby conveniently timed his diaper blowout to happen right near dinner time. What a considerate baby. All in all, the children have been great travelers. 

I spent the 9 hours reading a book that wasn't as enjoyable as I had hopped it would be. I think the book was well written, but I intensely disliked several of the main characters and one of the storylines ended on a really depressing note. Since I wasn't planning on keeping the book, I left it behind on a bench at our resort. You never know - one person's disappointing read could be another person's new favorite book. I hope the person who finds this book enjoys it. 

We arrived at our resort when it was already dark, so we went right to bed. But we've been having a great time today!


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