Embracing My Inner Dolly

We've been preparing for our trip to Dollywood for several days now. And when I say preparing, I mean listening to her greatest hits so many times that the songs have begun to play on an endless loop in my head.

My sister and I also lip synced a very stirring rendition of Islands in the Stream while in the car. Twice.
And then there was a third duet with my Mom.

We arrived at Dollywood, feeling secure in the knowledge that our 48 hours of listening to Dolly songs on an endless loop made us the best fans ever, and then we proceeded to have a down-home country good time.

The children went on their first kiddie ride completely by themselves:

We ate lots of fried chicken, toured the Dolly museum, went on a few rides, and bought things we normally wouldn't buy simply because we felt like Dolly would want us to:

Then we made the terrifying trip back up the mountain, and enjoyed more of the beautiful mountain scenery.

Tomorrow we leave for Hilton Head Island. Island. Oh no, I should have never used the word island.   Well, I guess this means I'll be falling asleep with this playing in my head endlessly:


  1. Oh my gosh...this is a life goal of mine. I'd love to visit Dollywood. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. We did have a great time. Dolly knows how to do it right!


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