Welcome to my blog, dear readers. Be sure and wipe your feet before entering, I just had the floors cleaned in here. Can I offer anyone a drink before we begin? Coffee? Tea? Martini? Pull up a chair and get comfortable.

From my living room window, as I write, I can look out across the broad front lawns of our farm. Like a lovely picture postcard. . . oh wait that's not my life, that's Christmas in Connecticut (fantastic movie, by the way.) My own life here in suburbs of Indiana is slightly less bucolic than that, but nevertheless, I'm still hopeful that someone other than just my Mom might want to read about it. And if not, well then I hope you enjoy my blog Mom, and feel free to use various fake aliases in the comments section to make me look popular.

Thank you so much for stopping by, dear readers! I hope to see you back again soon as I share recipes, book reviews, movie reviews, and random stories about my life here in the Heartland.


  1. i love your intro. really interesting. you seem rly cool. - thegirl'snameyouwon'tfindonacokebottle


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