Reading Challenge Recap: Week Five

This past week was the first time since I started this reading challenge when I wasn't sick or having eye problems. (Does anyone else hear angels singing right now, or is it just me?) Unfortunately, this did not result in getting tons of reading done. During the month when I was sick, I phoned it in so hard with the rest of my life that I had tons of stuff to catch up on last week. I had let the dirty laundry pile up so high that I was wearing some really odd clothing combinations. It wasn't dressed as badly as Blossom

but I was getting pretty close to it. And I kept throwing random stuff that I felt too sick to deal with into my reading chair and it eventually became so overrun by stuff that it was no longer accurate to call it a reading chair. It became The Crap Chair. Or the Chair O'Crap, if you want to be more poetic about it. 

Since last week was my regain-control-of-my-life-and-start-wearing-outfits-that-make-sense-again week, I gave myself a break on the reading challenge and I'm not stressing out about not getting to my page goal for the week. I'll catch up next week, and I don't like to brag, but thanks to all the laundry I did last week, I'm going to catch up while wearing clothes that actually match!

My final page count for the week: 1,655 pages.

Reading Goal: 100,000 pages
Page Count For the Week: 1,655 pages 
Page Count For the Year So Far: 9,088
Pages Left to Read: 90,912

Please join me back here tomorrow and I'll share with you my thoughts on the books I read last week. Here's a preview of the books I read: 


  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the latest books you read.

  2. David Sedaris is always fun, and I used to be a big fan of All My Children back in college. Will look forward to your thoughts on Susan Lucci's book, too.

  3. That Blossom video brings back memories!!

  4. OMG thank you for sharing that Blossom opening again--I haven't thought about that in ages! Ha!

    Also I'm curious about the books you're reading--particularly the Bachelorette book, just because. Ugh, that flu is going around something fierce. My bf is home sick today (and yesterday) with it (though it has signs of a manflu, if I'm being totally honest, lol).

  5. You are accomplishing so many things, I am amazed!

  6. How have I not heard of that opening before?


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