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Let's Talk About Candy!

I love reading books about food so I was very excited when I discovered  Candy by Samira Kawash. Plus, it gave me a good excuse to eat candy and pretend like I was just "doing research for the sake of being able to better engage with the book." I was just eating that Sour Patch kids candy for you, dear readers, so I could give you a better blogging experience. This book was very well researched, and well written, although not as fun as some of the previous books I've read about food. I learned a lot of fun (and disgusting) things from reading this book; -  The California Lima Bean Council once ran an ad trying to convince people to put marshmallows and bacon on their Lima Beans. I could vomit just thinking about that. - In a bid to try to sell more Oh Henry! candy bars, the company put out an Oh Henry! Cookbook filled with such delicious concoctions as Oh Henry! Salad (Just grate some cheese onto a soda cracker, top with a slice of the candy bar, broil and ke

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