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Paris In July

I've never been to France but I have a strange fascination with all things French. I have tons of books in my to-read stacks about Paris and France. So I was really excited to find the Thyme for Tea blog and discover she's hosting a blog hop called Paris in July. 
Last week I looked through my to-read stacks and found all the books I own on this subject and started reading. Here are the first three books I read: 

Paris, My Sweet is a memoir about the authors love of Paris and baked goods. If you substitute Disney World for Paris, I could have written this book. When we have a family vacation planned, I research the restaurants and bakeries ahead of time. I consult menus and travel blogs. I cross reference. I draw up a food and baked goods schedule for the entire vacation. I read menus to my relatives until their eyes start to glaze over and each one of them starts to get that look that makes me think something in their soul has died. So, of course, I enjoyed this book. For tho…

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